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“Driven with passion and heart/ Owner of Ex-MOE Allied Educator/ Chinese Language
Specialist using my proven Personal Tutoring Framework/ SAC Registered Counsellor/ Experienced in
Teaching and Supporting Special Education Needs Students”

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Yufei, the founder of, is an ex-MOE School Educator, Chinese Language Specialist, SAC Registered Counsellor, and a mom of a dyslexic child with 20 years of experience in providing home tuition in Singapore. She firmly believes that every child is special, unique and capable of succeeding. offers dedicated home tutors for various subjects, including the Chinese Language. Its team of experienced tutors is trained to identify a child's learning needs and tailor lessons accordingly. This ensures that children can grasp topics effectively, despite their limited time in class.


More about Yufei

Yufei has attained Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language from Fu Dan University, Shanghai, China and Master in Counselling from Monash University, Australia.  


Yufei offers different types of Chinese tuition, including one-to-one, group and ad-hoc tuition, with small class sizes of 4-6 students. The class size is kept small from 4-6 students as that your concerns are addressed. Ad-hoc tuition is perfect for students who need clarification on specific topics without having to commit to a full tuition programme. For more details on the types of tuition Yufei provided, feel free to contact her. You may view her testimonials below.

As a SAC Registered Counsellor, Yufei has dealt with cases of self-harm, exam anxiety, stress and depression in secondary school students. not only connects parents with tutors but also provides a platform to share information, resources and parenting tips to promote positive parenting.

Yufei also specializes in helping students with dyslexia, who often struggle with learning Chinese due to the complex characters. She employs a multi-sensory instructional approach, structured literacy strategies, and identifies the learning styles of dyslexic students to help them overcome their challenges. Her blog contains resources and information on supporting dyslexic children, different teaching approaches and expert articles. is committed to providing a holistic learning experience, aiming to help every child achieve their full potential and succeed in life.

Contact now to learn more about their services and how they can help your child.

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"My very late review! Mdm Yeoh is patient and able to strategize well for the child, especially during examinations. She cultivated an interest in the Chinese Language for my child. We appreciate the time and effort she has put into our child over these 3 years”.

- Scored an A in PSLE 2020 and posted to Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary School

Mother of Rui En, Xin Hua Primary School

"Firstly, thank you Yufei for your patience in teaching, coaching, and showing your guidance throughout your two years in tutoring Deon. I, as a parent, could see how she had slowly and steadily improved in her Chinese subject. Most importantly, she is now more confident when she speaks. Coming from a non-Chinese speaking family background and getting an A in Chinese for her PSLE is something to be proud of. So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Yufei ❤”. 

- Scored an A in PSLE 2020 and posted to Serangoon Garden Secondary School 

Mother of Deon, Xin Hua Primary School
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